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Menu & Pricing

Construct Catering has a wide range of offerings available for your on-site menus, depending on the time of year and time of day, but mainly down to what your staff would like to eat and drink. We accept all suggestions in the kitchen and try to work within reason to meet the requirements of our customers. We will dictate what the menus are initially but hopefully with a bit of hard work we can provide a service that everyone on site will be happy with.


Our Price Guarantee to you

Construct Catering guarantees that we will charge no more than the average of the three nearest shops to the site in our kitchen. We will conduct market research in the local area at the beginning of the contract and promise to charge a fair price for an excellent product.

Site Operatives Required

Ideally for a Construct Catering kitchen to work on your site, we ask that the minimum numbers of staff at peak is 150. For sites with less staff than the minimum required, there are other catering services we can provide to you on-site. We do not have a maximum number required to commence work on your project, the more staff on-site the easier it is for us operate a Construct Catering kitchen. Please give us a call to discuss further.

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