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Staff & Equipment

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We will provide all qualified staff required to run a catering kitchen on your construction site. Our staff will include head chefs, kitchen hands, deli specialists and till operators. The number of building staff on-site will help us to determine the requirements for catering personnel required to provide the most efficient service we can.

Construct Catering asks the contractor to supply the pre-fabricated units based on CAD drawings supplied by ourselves, fit a non-slip floor in the unit, supply services and hook ups into the units and our equipment and to provide waste management services. From here, we will then supply everything else to fit-out a fully functional kitchen, including:

•    Combi Oven

•    Deep Fat Fryer

•    Flat Grill

•    Electrical Ring Range

•    Extraction & Fan Unit

•    Refrigeration

•    Freezer

•    Chefs Tables

•    Beverage Fridge

•    Bain Marie

•    Cold Deli Display Units

•    Till Systems

•    Coffee Machine

•    Sinks

•    Queuing System

•    Tray Rail & Tray System

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