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Corporate Catering

On & Off-Site Corporate Catering

Construct Catering has the facility to provide top end corporate catering to you, the developer / contractor and to your clients on-site or in office. We can provide in-house or on-site breakfast, lunch, teas and coffees in meeting rooms upon request. We can also provide staff and catering for the end of project launch or handover to developer.

We can facilitate any number you require for these meetings and would suggest we send you sample menus and options, so we can quote prior to your event. Generally, we would supply corporate catering to management, executive, developer, client, planning authority & on-site staff meetings.



Industrial, Commercial & Residential Catering

At Construct Catering, we will accommodate any site with a requirement in Ireland, from industrial builds to commercial offices and residential developments. It does not matter the project, only the size of the project. Where you feel Construct Catering could be beneficial to your business, we will try to provide a quote and a service that matches the high standards of your own company.

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